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Sender for Galaxy


Sender for Galaxy

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Now you can use your Samsung Galaxy phone or tablet to share any content to any MirrorOp Professional enabled central display. 
Completely flexible and universally compatible with any app, the MirrorOp sender allows you to easily share pictures, movies, games or presentations onto your TV or projector. 

MirrorOp Sender is an app that can MIRROR your Android screen images to a MirrorOp Receiver through WiFi or USB. At the same time, you can use the MirrorOp Receiver to control the sender by Mouse/Keyboard/Touch. MirrorOp Receiver is available on many kinds of platforms: Android, Windows, iOS, and some specific projectors, TVs, or boxes. Information about various MirrorOp Receivers can be found on

The sender can support rotation. The orientation on your hand is the mirror orientation on the receiver side (What you see is what you get.). Besides, you can fix or correct the angle in the MENU.

Due to the Android framework limitation, the sender can not mirror audio. If Android start to provide the standard Audio Capture interfaces, we will immediately support it.

The sender allows 5 minutes trial. After 5 minutes, you should press "Play" to mirror or you need to buy a license key through google play In-App-Purchasing. You will get the key after the purchasing process. Important Notice: If you've already registered, You MUST DEREGISTER it when you want to do a factory reset or register on the other device using the same key.

If you have any question, please leave your message here:!forum/mirrorop-service