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WiPG 1000


WiPG 1000

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The WePresent-1000 is a professional presentation device that allows a group of up to 64 users, to take turns in giving presentations from their Windows/Mac computer, Smartphone or Tablet.

The WePresent can be connected to any display or projector with HDMI or VGA connection, and can project up to full HD resolution.
When connected to a wired or wireless network, the WePresent allows presentation from network computers and supports internet connection.

WePresent can also work with touchscreens and interactive white boards, allowing the presentor to have control over the projecting computer on the touchscreen, wirelessly!

The WePresent-1000 is a new professional presentation system that allows a large group of sources to take turns in presenting from their Win/Mac computer, or mobile device, to any display or projector in full HD!

With the WePresent it is even possible to wirelessly control the projecting computer on a touchscreen or IWB, when the WePresent is connected with USB.

The WiPG-1000 has multiple output settings, easily adjustable for optimal projection.
(1280x768 / 1280x800 / 1360x768)
(1920x1080) (FULL HD)

Make the WePresent a part of your network by simply pluggin in a LAN network cable, or configuring it wirelessly into your network. This will allow internet access to all connected users and also presentation from all network computers.

The WePresent as an access point can be secured with a network password using regular WEP/WPA/WPA2 network encryption.

The WePresent-1000 will start projecting directly when any connected user starts the client software or file-projecting application.

However, with Conference Control a user can be set as moderator (protected by password) and thus can control who is projecting (and where, with 4-to-1 projection).

With the WePresent it is very easy to project any 4 computers, side by side, to one display or projector.

Using the WePresent Software interface, users can choose in which quadrant they want to start their projection.
During Conference Control, this can be authorised by the Administrator.

The WePresent has a special USB-outlet on the back for this revolutionairy feature.

With the WePresent connected to a TouchScreen or IWB through USB, you can wirelessly control the projecting computer on the TouchScreen!

During a presentation, the presenter can tell his audience to open their browser window, enter the IP-address of the WePresent and select BrowserSlides.

Here the audience will find current screenshots from the live presentation. The audience can then choose to save the screenshots as an image file.

This means that your audience does not need to take notes anymore, you can simply let them save certain parts of your presentation. No more hand-outs needed!

To exploit the unique Sidepad and WiFi-Doc features for mobile devices, the user must download an application.

These usefull applications are freely available at the Android Market and Apple App Store