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WiPG-1500 is a device that connects any computer, tablet or phone to HD displays like TV or Projector or existing AV System using wireless or network infra-structure.

Besides having enhanced performance power, this new model offers more interactive features than the WePresent-1000 model. 
The new features on the WiPG-1500 make it the perfect tool for creating an even more interactive, wireless presentation environment.

In addition to all functionality the WiPG-1000 has to offer, the WePresent-1500 also allows users to annotate on-screen during presentations. Beside this, it can also project a virtual white or black board to annotate on. It is also better suited for use in enterprise environments. 

The WiPG-1500 is specially suited for (driverless) compatibility with your touch display.

WePresent is a spectacular presentation tool. It allows a group of up to 64 users, connected by WiFi or through your own network, to wirelessly present from their Windows or Mac computer, smartphone or tablet.

The WePresent-1500 incorporates all known functionalities fo the 1000-model! Beside enhanced performance power, the 1500 also brings new interactive functions, that make WePresent-1500 the perfect tool for creating a complete and interactive presentation environment. 

WePresent-1000 features:
VGA or HDMI output (up to 1080p)
Conference Control
4-to-1 Projection
Wireless Access Point
Wifi-Doc (for Android/Apple) 
SidePad (for Android/Apple)
Plug-and-Show USB

WePresent-1500 interactive features: 
Annotate on the screen
Virtual whiteboard
Wireless Touchscreen (Win/Mac driverless UST) 
Airstick 3D Controller (special edition)

The WePresent 1500's extra features are best utilized when working in combination with your touch display or interactive board.

The new annotation function on the WePresent-1500 allows you to annotate on the screen during your presentation. During any presentation, you can write, draw and annotate on the screen using the unfoldable annotation interface. In the interface you can choose color, cursor thickness etc.

Annotating, writing and drawing can best be done using your touchscreen. However you can also connect the Airstick, any USB mouse, or other USB HID device.

It is even possible to annotate on the screen when no computer is connected. From the startscreen, you can select to have the WePresent project a white or a black board. You can then, write, draw and annotate on a blank surface. This option is also available without any computer connected!

Annotating, writing and drawing can best be done using your touchscreen. However you can also connect the Airstick, any USB mouse, or other USB HID device.

For this unique feature the WePresent-1500 has a special USB-outlet on the back. Connect your touch screen or IWB and you can wirelessly interact with the projecting computer on the touch display!

This feature was already available on the WePresent-1000, however on the 1500 it will work without any installation of drivers. Beside this the WePresent-1500 will now give wireless control for Windows as well as Mac computers.

Connecting the USB from your screen, or connecting any USB HID device, also gives control over the startscreen and therefor over which user is projecting.

You can choose to make the WePresent-1500 a part of your wired or wireless network. Simply plug in a network cable, or use the wireless setup to configure WePresent into your local network. This will allow internet access to all connected users and also presentation from all network connected computers.

The WePresent-1500 has been made more suitable for working in enterprise level environment and can handle more types of encryption. 

When you connect the AirPad, the AirStick, or any other USB HID device to the front of the WePresent-1500, you can use the annotation feature. Especially with use of the AirPad it is very easy to write and draw on the WiPG-1500 when you do not have a touch display.

Besides using the annotation feature, it will also grant control over the splash screen, now it will be easy to select any connected user you want to project. Once projecting, the USB device will also give control over the projecting computer.

The Airstick 3D Controller is supplied with the special edition of WiPG-1500. The AirPad is supplied with the standard edition of WiPG-1500.

The client software for the WePresent-1500 has also been improved. It is now possible to use keyboard shortcuts for easy access to WePresent functionality. 
Play, stop, pause or share your presentation as a quadrant projection with a single action.

For presenting on the WePresent from an Apple or Android mobile device, we have the free WiFi-Doc and SidePad Receiver applications available for download. These work in the same way as on the WiPG-1000.

With the WiPG-1500 it is now possible to completely mirror the image of your Samsung Galaxy device! Now you can show your complete user environment and present anything from your tablet or smartphone to the big screen.

The MirrorOp Sender for Galaxy is free for download from the Google Play Store. As long as the Sender for Galaxy is running, your Galaxy screen will be mirrored to WePresent display. If you want to see how it works, please 
check out the video here.

* Please mind that your WiPG-1500 must have firmware v1.0.3.1 or higher. Please see our Download section for the latest available firmware.



Flyer / Spec Sheet      
Easy Connect User Guide (print)
Complete User Manual WiPG-1500      
Network Trouble shooting for WiPG      
WiFi-Doc manual for Android      
WiFi-Doc manual for Apple iOS      
Software and firmware:
Client Software: Mac: v1.2.2.3  
  Windows (.msi) v1.2.2.3  
Firmware update: v1.0.3.1  
Touchscreen driver (for MultiTouch) v1.1.0.5  
Extended Desktop driver: v1.0.2.1
VAC audio driver v2.0.0.0  
SNMP Manager v3 v2.0.0.3 SNMP_guide
For more support and answers to most of your technical questions, please visit our FAQ section.

If you have any technical issue or request, please check our Frequently Asked Questions section.

WePresent is a series of presentation tools developed by Awind. The product is distributed in Europe by P2M International. As from January 2013, we will also try to the American and African market. We are looking for committed distributors in North America, Africa as well as new European territories.

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